UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Goals and 169 targets map out a tangible and achievable path to a sustainable future by 2030. This is a project for everyone – an incredibly important movement to quite literally save the world. As former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon put it “There is no Plan B, because there is no Planet B.”

If we are going to achieve the ambitious targets, it is this generation of students who will lead us there. To play our part at CAS Trips, we have developed a unique methodology to utilize the SDGs to empower students to be that change:

Destination Development

CAS Trips comprehensively research each destination, identifying key SDGs that communities are striving to achieve.


We contact and nurture links with grassroots charities and NGOs who are working to tackle specific goals.

Activity Development

CAS Trips work closely with charities to create impactful Service Challenges that will give students an exciting hands-on experience, but crucially also fulfills a genuine need.

Long-Term Impact

Via our CAS Project Workshop, small teams must identify SDGs that resonate with them, developing long-term CAS Projects to positively impact their own communities.

Think Global, Act Local

Students are challenged to use the SDGs as lenses to translate their on-trip experience, and consider how the same SDGs and targets are being tackled back home.

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