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New Car of the Year 2022 - Polestar 2

Find out why the Polestar 2 is the 2022 winner of New Car of the Year

2022 has been a very good year for Polestar in the New Car Awards and it’s with great pleasure we announce the Polestar 2 as our overall winner and New Car of the Year!
There isn’t space here to share all the positive comments we received from very happy Polestar drivers, but several common themes shine through from all the contributions. Style, performance, refinement and the slick integration of Google tech were all celebrated by owners, confirming our own strong impressions when we first drove the car. This overall win is all the more impressive for the fact Polestar is, in effect, a completely new face in the industry. True, it leans heavily on its Volvo parent company for its technology and shares many of the same values. But it’s also been able to establish its own identity as a credible and desirable alternative to Tesla and other such ‘disruptive’ arrivals to the electric vehicle space. At its core, though, the Polestar 2 is just a really, really nice car. It’s great to look at, lovely to sit in, nails the cultural zeitgeist for a more sustainable interpretation of luxury and performance and marks buyers out as independent thinkers. Well done, Polestar!

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