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New Car of the Year Award 2021 – Jaguar I-Pace

Find out why the Jaguar I-Pace is the 2021 winner of our New Car of the Year Award

For the second year in a row the model you’ve chosen as your New Car of the Year is all-electric, proving decisively that EVs are here to stay and now part of mainstream motoring. Even better? Our winner proudly flies the flag for homegrown innovation, style and engineering – it is, of course, the Jaguar I-Pace.
2021 is the 60th anniversary of Jaguar’s legendary and ground-breaking E-type sports car, which came to define the brand’s sporting image and remains a symbol of swinging 60s cool. Technically advanced as well as beautiful, the E-type was a trailblazer and, while the I-Pace is of a totally different age, the common thread of beauty, innovation and performance are the same. This reinvention of Jaguar traditions has been a huge hit with owners, too. “It covers all bases in one package - looks, performance, badge, space, rarity, electric, running costs, quality and tech,” said one. “Quality feel, total package, limo when you want it, sports car when you feel like it,” said another. “Quiet, comfortable, stylish, plenty of performance, spacious - probably the best car Jaguar has made in 50 years,” says yet another. You’ll be getting the message by now but acceleration, style and range were all common plus points commented on by owners and with a fresh update and much-improved onboard tech added recently the I-Pace is well-placed to take the fight to its electrified rivals. Well done Jaguar!

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