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Selling your car

How to prepare and advertise your car to get the best value, dealing with buyers and what paperwork you need

  • Insurance write off categories

    Everything you need to know about write off category vehicles, including whether you can buy or sell a write off and what Cat A, Cat B, Cat S and...

    Advice 10 months ago

  • How to sell a car

    How to sell your car in 2021, including our top tips for a quick sale and a good price.

    Feature 10 months ago

  • When is the best time to sell a car in the UK?

    Is now the best time to sell your car? We look at how demand for used cars means you could make a profit on your old car.

    Advice 1 year ago

  • Meeting a potential buyer

    There’s no need to be nervous when meeting a potential buyer for your car. Just follow our top tips on making appointments, arranging test drives...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • How to safely sell your car

    Watch our three top tips to help ensure you stay safe when you’re selling a used car and read more information below.

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Selling a car: receiving payment

    Once you’ve negotiated and agreed a price, it’s time to receive a payment. This article covers the different types of payment, and advice on how to...

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Why sell your car with Auto Trader

    Are you thinking of selling your car? You could place an advert on Auto Trader in just three simple steps. Watch our video below to find out more.

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Getting your car ready to sell

    Sell your car quickly and for the best price by getting it ready for sale. This guide covers everything you'll need to do before selling your car

    Advice 3 years ago

  • How to create an advert on Auto Trader

    Creating a new advert on Auto Trader? Check out these top tips on how to create an effective and eye-catching advert in minutes.

    Advice 3 years ago

  • Top tips to stay safe online

    Buying a vehicle can be a safe and straightforward process, as long as you take these few simple steps to protect yourself when buying online.

    Advice 4 years ago

  • Can I sell my car for free on Auto Trader?

    If your car is valued at £1,000 or less, you can advertise it for free for the first week on Auto Trader UK.

    News 4 years ago

  • How can I sell a car with outstanding finance?

    More and more buyers are using finance schemes to buy new and used cars, but what happens when you need to get rid of the car before you've finished...

    Advice 5 years ago

  • How should you let people test drive your car?

    When selling your car privately, a potential buyer may ask for a test drive. Here are our top tips to keep yourself and your car safe.

    Advice 6 years ago

  • How should you take photos?

    You can be pretty certain that the first thing people will look at in an advert are the pictures of your car, so you need to make sure they stand...

    Advice 6 years ago

  • Where should you sell your car?

    Choosing where to sell your car is an important decision. Let’s look at the pros and cons of your various options.

    Advice 6 years ago

  • How do you value your car?

    Pricing your car right is crucial to a successful sale

    Advice 6 years ago

  • How to place an advert with Auto Trader

    Are you thinking of selling your car? You could place an advert on Auto Trader in just 3 simple steps. Watch our video to find out more.

    Advice 6 years ago

  • Tips on selling a used car safely

    Watch our short film to go through top tips that will help ensure that you stay safe when you're selling a used car, and then read our full article...

    Advice 6 years ago

  • How to spot and avoid potential scams

    Cybercrime is becoming part and parcel of everyday life, so here we explain the possible problems you may face and how you can protect yourself from...

    Advice 6 years ago

  • How to ensure your payment is made safely

    No matter whether you're buying or selling, a smooth payment is the best way to end a successful transaction. Here, we explain how to take the risk...

    Advice 6 years ago

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