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World EV Day

Auto Trader have partnered with World EV Day

  • Best EV finance deals 2022

    We’ve been combing Auto Trader for the best monthly finance deals on the hottest electric cars – here are our picks for 2022

    Best of 4 months ago

  • Which cars are ULEZ compliant? (2022)

    London’s ULEZ has expanded and more UK cities are adopting low emission zones. Find out what this means for you and find ULEZ compliant cars for sale.

    Advice 8 months ago

  • Debunking Electric Car Myths

    The world is going electric, yet there's so many myths out there surrounding electric cars. In this video Rory Reid explores the reasons not to buy...

    News 8 months ago

  • World EV Day

    We’re celebrating World EV Day with games and giveaways, and more ways than ever for you to find the right electric car for you.

    News 9 months ago

  • Best electric cars 2021

    Which electric cars offer the best range, the brightest tech, and the smoothest drive? Wonder no more. Here's some of the best electric cars...

    Best of 10 months ago

  • Electric car range anxiety – EV range on a single charge

    Range anxiety is common with electric cars. Read more about the average electric car range and how far an EV can go on a single charge.

    Feature 2 years ago

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